Branding: It All Starts With A Logo! por Alyce Garver

April 6, 2020

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Branding: It All Starts With A Logo! por Alyce Garver
Titulo del libro : Branding: It All Starts With A Logo!
Autor : Alyce Garver

Alyce Garver con Branding: It All Starts With A Logo!

Reseña del editor Learn what goes into making a great logo!This book is a compact yet comprehensive guidebook on logo design. Measuring a mere 4"" by 6"" in size and at a trim 58 pages, it fits in any briefcase, backpack, pocketbook, or desktop drawer.It is for those new to the concept of logo design as well as for the experienced designer looking for a fun and quick refresher. It is filled with over 100 full-color logos and is visually enjoyable to read as well. In easily understandable terms, you learn everything about what goes into creating successful logos.For anyone interested in starting a new business, from high school students to business professionals, it is a great gift for any occasion. The earlier you become aware of this important first stage of branding the sooner it will help you in the workplace, on interviews, and in life!Also available as an eBook on Apple and Kobo. Biografía del autor Working, in parallel in both the creative and business fields, Alyce is a graphic designer and artist as well as being a corporate trainer and lecturer. She has been in graphic design since 2006 and loves creating logos. Because of her many diverse skill sets, she has been called a Multipotentialite (pronounced multi-potential-ite). Creatively-if you can think it, she can do it! As a multipotentialite she is currently a computer software professor for a college in NJ. One skillset she values highly, because it has enabled her to accomplish so much in her career, is organization. Alyce's other skillsets include design (graphic and instructional), public speaking and training, event planning, art (painting and photography), start-up business branding, writing, and self-publishing facilitator. Alyce particularly enjoys working for expanding businesses or start-ups who are looking for multiple skill sets in a single hire. She immensely appreciates helping and facilitating peoples goals, especially those who are looking for solutions and ways to be more creative with their approach to life. Alyce's Websites: and

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