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We present below a range of written documents, ranging from full Papers to Articles that relate to the various aspects of the First Metre approach to management. Signed contributions will be considered for publication. In the first instance please contact us by e-mail.


Read > Assuring Economic-Quality with Systemic Thinking
by David Howard & Pat Hoverstadt

Read > An Ecology of Financial Services
by Aidan Ward

Read > The Concept of Reflexive Wealth : At a time when many financial mechanisms and related attitudes are failing to deliver the expected results the concept of Reflexive Wealth offers a unique opportunity to disrupt the status quo and offer innovative solutions to enduring problems
by David Howard

Read > Effective Review Meetings : The Counter-Intuitive Key to Successful Performance Measurement
by Alan Meekings    By permission of IJPPM

Read > Moving Beyond Modern Quality Management with Systemic Thinking
by David Howard & Pat Hoverstadt

Read > Realising our Potential and Leading the Way
by Roy Feltham

Read > The Philosophy of Shewhart's Theory of Prediction
by Dr Mark Wilcox

Read > Deming Forum 2003 Keynote Paper: Think about the System before you Work on the Process
by David Howard
Read > What is Wrong with the Numbers? A Questioning Look at Probabilistic Risk Assessment
by Jack Crawford 

Read > Adaptiveness in Human Social Organisation: Some Guiding Principles
by Michael Church 

Read > Whither the Pragmatism?
by Dr Mark Wilcox 

Read > An Approach to Improving Management Performance
by David Howard 

Read > Thinking in Systems - Working on Processes: The New Business Paradigm
by David Howard

Read > BPR and 6-Sigma v Continuous Improvement – Some Cautionary Remarks
by David Howard

Read > Beer Promotes Better Management Leadership
by David Howard


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When people have a hard task to do - one which stretches them - they become less concerned with trivial matters. If you have not registered this ...