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Links to Process Management Practitioners

Below are presented brief details of independent professional practitioners in business process management familiar with First Metre working and The FlowMap System for performance improvement. All are known to David Howard and Management-NewStyle and can be recommended as suitable for helping guide organisations determined to implement process management techniques in the workplace.  

David Howard has specialised in project and process management since the early 1980s when he transformed the approach to managing major capital projects in the construction industry for a US client investing in the UK. He then went on to lead change in a major food manufacturing business.  Management-NewStyle was established by David as an independent advisory firm in 1990. It has provided both service and manufacturing organisations with guidance on how to change their ways of managing by concentrating on the use of systemic thinking to guide working from the 'first metre' to the 'last mile' of all their projects and processes.

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John Norrie

Some 20 years ago John saw a need to study the whole area of continual improvement and then make that knowledge readily available to busy people. He has worked closely with many of the original and leading international thinkers in the subject. His skill is in explaining things so they live, and seem relevant and interesting. His enthusiasm for the subject is clear in his direct, challenging but humorous style. He also originated the Fit2Lead programme to help save us all from the 'yellow card' of the grim reaper.

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Paul Hollingworth 

Paul Hollingworth is an organisational development specialist and management advisor with over 25 years in the field of quality & productivity improvement. Following a successful career in Local Government and then the UK Finance Sector, Paul founded 4GM Consulting in 1991. He works with boards of directors and management teams, using systems thinking to build customer-focused learning organisations. He has clients in many sectors throughout the UK & EU. Paul has special expertise in Continuous Improvement, Large Group Interventions, Supply Chain Partnering, Six Sigma, Lean Thinking and Rapid Cultural Change, although 4GM offer a wide range of business improvement and personal development services all of which are congruent with 4GM principles. 

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Graham Pope

"Oh dear, this can’t be right” typifies the thought process that caused Graham to embark on the path he now pursues as an independent “improvement specialist”. His experiences in UK manufacturing in the early 80’s confirmed why we could no longer make cars and motorcyles and why to this day we can’t keep trains on the track and have to relieve patient’s pain by sending them to France for operations. The passion to improve simply will not go away!After a successful twenty year career in Blue Chip industry practicing what he now preaches Graham runs his own consultancy and is an international speaker and workshop leader. His clients range from health- care to petro-chemicals to musical instruments. He is a Visiting Tutor at Ashridge Management College. 

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Patrick Hoverstadt 

Patrick is a specialist in using systemic methodologies to help managers solve their messiest problems. With a lifetime’s interest in how organisations work, why they work when they do, and why they don’t work well most of the time, Patrick discovered Stafford Beer’s work which seemed to provide an awful lot of the answers. Patrick undertakes work on organisational structure & organisational communications; analysis and design of processes; process improvement; negotiation strategy and solving complex problems. His consultancy company, Fractal, is the UK licencee for the Beer’s ‘Syntegration ’ method for helping large diverse groups to solve complex problems. He has worked in many sectors, from national government level to small businesses. As well as being a consultant, Patrick is a visiting lecturer at Manchester Business School. 

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Roger Bilsby

After spending his early working life as an industrial engineer with Philips, Roger has worked for a various organisations in the financial services sector including TSB, Windsor Life and AMP. He has held a number of project and operational management positions in Facilities Management, Customer Services and Human Resources. Achievements have included ISO 9002 certification for a Facilities department and independently benchmarking the cost effectiveness of the department against external suppliers.As head of a Client Services department administering Life and Pensions policies, he played a major role in transferring and integrating up to half a million policies into the department from an acquired company.

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Peter Anyan

Peter Anyan is an experienced analyst and systems professional with a track record of success in the utility industry. His strengths lie in the ability to deliver practical, intuitive solutions from a strong understanding of business process and technology. He believes that organisational improvement can only be achieved by people from a knowledge of performance and process, and these components need to be a part of active operational life. Utilising strategic process and measurement concepts, he has designed a methodology and business architecture to deliver a visual performance management systemThe model provides a valuable aid both in the training and operational environments and promotes understanding, innovation and improvement. 

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Mal Owen

Mal has been providing statistical process control training and consultancy for over twenty years, being originally retained by the Ford Motor Company to provide 3-day SPC training courses on their behalf. In 1989 he set up his own consultancy – Training for Excellence – which offer services in SPC drawing on Walter Shewhart’s interpretation of the control chart and backed up by Deming’s management principles. He has unrivalled experience in helping financial institutions, manufacturers, telecommunications providers and the National Health and Blood Transfusion services. His books include SPC and Continuous Improvement and SPC and Business Improvement. He is also joint author with Adrian Burr of Statistical Methods for Software Quality and, with John Morgan of SPC in the Office.
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Andrew Sturgeon

Andrew is a chartered accountant who has specialised in business process managment based on his extensive experience of financial reporting and auditing systems. He has used process mapping to create improvement procedures and in-service testing to relation to IT systems. He held senior positions of finance director and business development director in a leading accountancy software provider. Specific recent assignments have been
in a variety of contracts including facilitating the implementation of process mapping and process improvement into the IT team at a major London-based medical research laboratory and process aligned business consultancy service to the London office of a major US law firm.

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Trevor Hilder

Trevor began developing software in 1974. Soon after he set up the first ICT training department at Tesco head office before going on to work in areas ranging from systems programming and programming database systems to developing manufacturing systems and shrink-wrapped applications for Microsoft Windows. In 1993 he turned his attention to the question of why so many ICT projects either fail completely, or fulfil only a fraction of their promise. He concluded that the problems were rarely technical – rather, they were mostly in the social sphere. His research led him to track down a range of experts in the USA and Europe ranging across the disciplines of psychology, sociology, the history of technology and cybernetics. In late 1995, he used an innovative skunk-works approach to overhaul the ICT systems of SPAR’s £2bn/year business in the UK. This project took 15 man-years. It was assessed by Warwick Business School and the nearest equivalent traditional approach to such a project was a SAP/R3 implementation which took 5 years for a team of 72 people. This, and a subsequent innovative web based database project for Tocris Biosciences ( ), led to Trevor’s development of a patented recursive database model that has evolved from Stafford Beer’s pioneering work on management cybernetics.
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Gavin Watt

Gavin spent 6 years with United Distillers in the UK and Far East learning how supply-chains actually moved products and information between the factory and the end consumer. He then moved to a consulting role with a forecasting software house, going on to work in 14 countries, across sectors as diverse as pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, paper, paints, food, industrial gases and the military.   Gavin then set up as an independent practitioner utilising his experiences of ‘real life’ supply chain solutions and best practise software implementation processes. Over the last 7 years he has provided solutions for household names such as Sainsbury’s, Pearsons, Sanyo and the Early Learning Centre.
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Steve Mason

Trained as a manufacturing engineer, with a strong background in IT systems, Steve has evolved into a management science researcher and organisational analyst having learned over several decades of project engineering that in socio-technical systems, the ‘technical' bit is the easy bit. Steve’s recent researches on the variability of manual task performance in assembly lines at the Ford Motor Company confirmed that most of the manufacturing problems stemmed from the nature of the system itself, rather than the individuals who operate within it.  Steve is currently researching the positive impact of SPC dashboards on management decision making. and working on consulting projects within various NHS Trusts and the National Blood Service.
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