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Microsoft Follows 'First Metre' Approach for its SQL 2005 Server Development (28 Nov 2005)
Microsoft’s Windows SQL Server 2005 and the associated Visual Studio 2005 development tools were formally unveiled on 7 November 2005 in San Francisco. While Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer credited the development team with delaying the release it was stressed that the years of waiting will be justified by the product’s high level security features which will remove worries about Microsoft’s ability to host mission critical applications.
While the security case has yet to be proven the new database is seen by industry observers to be the most important new product Microsoft has launched for business customers in years, and will continue to be so until well into 2007 when the Windows ‘Longhorn’ Server project is due to complete. The new database introduces support for 64-bit X64 processors which offer big performance gains. 

Microsoft has amassed a commanding share of the volume-server market over the past two years with growth rate of up to three times the market average, despite reservations about scalability. Microsoft now claim that no job that is too big to run completely on the Microsoft platform."
Microsoft’s growing recognition of the importance of ‘first metre’ working to avoid subsequent ‘last mile’ crises bodes well for data management application across the business spectrum.

Management-NewStyle see the Windows SQL 2005 Server as being central to its business logic prototyping project, FlowMap Pearl Diver, for both project level corporate use and adoption by SMEs.