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The Founding Fathers of 'The New Prometheans'
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'The New Prometheans'

Prometheus, one of the 19 Titans of Greek mythology, was the wisest of Iapetus' four sons and is best known as mankind's greatest benefactor. When Zeus mistreated man Prometheus stole fire from the home of the gods on Mount Olympus and secretly gave it to man together with knowledge of the useful arts and sciences previously denied them by the gods.

The gift of fire, while necessary to mankind's earliest development, has since been exploited through industrial development to such extremes that we now have the means of our own destruction too readily available. The concept of the 'New Prometheans' was devised by David Howard in 1999 to symbolise the work of those systems thinkers and process workers who, having understood the importance of using knowledge of the arts and the sciences to work in harmony with Nature, could thereby contribute to raising an awarenss of how to minimise the damage arising from the excesses of the 'Old Prometheans' over the past thousand years.

Harmony through System

As routinely evidenced by choirs, orchestras and groups of sportsmen and sportswomen around the world the concept of the team is all important to achieving a successful performance. The same is just as true in business but not so readily recognised by those leaders whose first concern is more to do with individual advancement through the efforts of others less fortunate, than orchestrating and conducting superior performance for the shared benefit of everyone concerned with the organisation. And as in practice, so in theory. Discovering new ways in which to view the world and thereby explore better approaches to the management of people, knowledge, energy and resources also rests for success on teamwork. The teams will be more dispersed in space and time but the sharing of their thoughts and experiences combine to provide new insights which shape the theories that can then be used by countless other professionals to explain past happenings and predict future events.