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Audit Office report ducks vital issues related to NHS IT Programme (27 June 2006)

Tony Collins of Computer Weekly who has specialised in tracking the progress of major public sector IT projects reports that The National Audit Office report into the National Programme for IT in the NHS has, for reasons that are unclear, omitted to mention some of the most challenging aspects of the programme. Some important subjects are mentioned in passing or not explored by the report, the contents of which were the product of prolonged negotiation between the National Audit Office and the Department of Health.  Questions not fully covered by the 60-page report range from the aspects of the cost and scope of the project to systems delivery and oversight of the project’s progress."  His assessment can be read here. It makes for disappointing reading to anyone versed in the way government agencies continue failing to understand the importance of such simple but vital First Metre issues as the careful mapping of end-user requirements before writing any code.

See also Tony Collins revealing report: 'NHS leader ‘asked to resign’ after voicing fears over lack of user input.'