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IT Observers Discovering Importance of First Metre Working (19 Oct 2006)

IT industry observers are beginning to think the unthinkable – that the whole approach to ICT may just be out of kilter. CRM and ERP have had their chance and generally under-performed and over stretched budgets and end-user confidence. In mid-October the CEO of BA, Willie Walsh, declared that one of his top three priorities was to introduce ‘lean’ IT to help in "eliminating waste, simplifying processes and improving customer service". BA’s CIO, Paul Colby, said that the new approach is based upon getting the processes right before implementing the technology while also working with the people who carry out the processes every day, such as baggage handlers and customer service agents. He went on "To do a lot of things you don't need new IT systems. Maybe you are not using the existing ones very well. Sort those things out and then design your IT." 

Earlier in the month Ziff Davis, an IT research house, announced the top five findings of its recent study of IT related-business process management as:   

1: Improving business processes is the top priority for many IT executives, especially at small and midsize companies.
2: Although process improvement is a priority, the pace of change is moderate. 
3: Business process software and services often fail to meet expectations.
4: New integration technologies are starting to displace older enterprise applications. 
5: Much more can be done to automate business processes.

The report said “.. data integration is thwarting IT's ability to improve productivity, reduce costs and increase revenues. So, companies are not just adopting new technologies like SOA and Web services—they're beginning to move away from 1990's-era enterprise applications. We are on the verge of a sea change in application integration.”

It continued ”One of the most important lessons from the last 25 years of business computing is that you can't throw technology at a problem and expect it to go away, or fling a system at an opportunity and expect the dollars to rain down. To get any real value, business processes—how people work, how work is organized, how work flows—have to be changed, too.” 

The FlowMap System has been pursuing the path of connecting the people of an organisation with its purpose and its technologies since 1990. During the past two years it has successfully developed an innovative and potentially disruptive method by which web based workflow applications can be speedily and robustly derived from end-user workflow definitions using the latest Microsoft Windows .NET3 technologies and thus minimising the need for ICT intermediaries. If you are interested in learning more about Management-NewStyle's work in this area please send an e-mail from here.