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More IT problems for HM Government (3 May 2007)
Register Offices across the UK have been totally failed by the latest instance of a government sponsored IT project designed to reduce costs and increase efficiency.  At some 1,500 offices online registration services have been suspended due to the £6m project being unablew to cope with the volumes of transactions required of it. Registrars have been advised to revert to using old systems meaning that central records will no longer be maintained as intended. The issue of multiple birth certificates - so important for many financial transactions that do not accept photocopies - has been halted in many locations due to the system failure.

Meanwhile the NHS Connecting for Health IT programme - costing no less than £12.4 billion - continues to be the source of ever increasing horror stories as it lurches from one missed deadline to another. For those who wish to know more you cannot do better than read Alan Shackman's report in Computer Weekly.