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The Technique is the 'Trick'

A technique is a way of accomplishing a task efficiently in a manner that maybe neither immediately obvious nor necessarily straightforward. A few well understood and well practiced techniques can contribute more to problem solving that a whole host of rarely used ones. By contrast technology is the subject of a collection of techniques, or things that can be done employing manual or auomatic tools, or, mental or computer algorithms.

In art, and management is more of an art than a science, technique includes tools, procedures, methodologies and know-what, as well as being the manner in which such skills are used and put together as aides to problem solving or innovation. 

Some techniques are obviously more useful than others. Over the past 25 years the most powerful and comprehensively useful technique used by the members of Management-NewStyle has been deployment flowcharting (DFC) - sometimes called 'swimlane' charting. While DFC reveals the structure of a process it also yields remarkable insights about the way work gets done and time gets used. When the structure of a process is understood then its behaviour can be studied and understood with a view to improving its capability. The technique for this is called statistical process control, or SPC. 

Between them DFC and SPC represent what might best be referred to as 'the crown jewels of problem solving'. Everything useful in business reduces to an added value transformation process. It has structure which defines what happens when and by whom; it also has a behaviour which define how robust and capable the process is.