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We Learn Best by Doing Things

Learning by doing carries lots of advantages - not least we inevitably make mistakes from which we can learn more quickly than by any amount of instruction. It is worth remembering that for the vast majority of the development of our species there has been very little instruction on hand. To survive we have had to teach ourselves the essential skills. Not surprisingly the ability to exploit tactile learning is one of our key strengths.

Tutorials are useful ways to give clues for self-teaching - especially if the theory and techniques are clearly explained. Management-NewStyles tutorials have been prepared with this in mind and are designed to encourage users to engage with the software as part of their learning experience.

The following tutorials have been developed for viewing in the FlowMap First Metre Viewer (which may be downloaded from here). 

Management Methods Tutorials

download > Deployment FlowCharting

download > Statistical Process Control 
download > Fishbone Diagram
download > KJ Diagram
download > ID Diagram 
download > Economic-Quality (portal presentation)
download > Systemic Journey (example of recursion)

Software Application Tutorials

download > FlowMap Author Application
download > FlowMap Publisher Application
download > FlowMap Librarian Application