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DFC Summary

Deployment flowcharting, sometimes called swimlane or matrix flow-charting, is increasingly being recognised today as the preferred technique for capturing the operational details of business activities. The strength of a deployment flowchart lies in it's ability to display process knowledge clearly and insightfully. It thus encourages the subsequent improvement of process performance and innovation. All business activities consist of a sequence of related actions and tasks, which use resources to transform inputs into outputs, be they products or services. Such transformations are the source of all value creation for a business. They are also the source of all the added costs that tend to reduce productivity, efficiency and economic-quality. Process mapping based on the DFC technique thus helps identify the sources of both value and cost. Once the sources have been found then costs can be rationalised and value creation optimised. Product and service quality are consequently improved.
The ultimate purpose of all process mapping must be to bring about improvement and innovation. It is therefore most helpful to start mapping processes as they are, not as they could be. Changes to the process can follow once the initial condition is defined. Process mapping can also, of course, be used for planning new processes.
The process manager (owner and leader) is ultimately responsible for improving his or her assigned processes. However, experience shows that without the support of the people who work within the process it is not possible to bring about lasting improvement single-handedly. Contrary to received wisdom in traditional hierarchical organisations, everyone who has a job is part of, or owns, a process. There are no exceptions. Identifying the process may be difficult. But a process will exist. The question is whether it is a necessary, value-adding process or one that just adds cost.

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