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FlowMap SPC-Plus

Business Process Behaviour Charting Software

"The purpose of analysis is insight" is the wise advice of consulting statistician Don Wheeler, who is one of the most influential advocates of process behaviour charting. In his highly recommended book, Understanding Variation - The Key to Managing Chaos, Don reminds all business managers that "information is random and miscellaneous, but knowledge is orderly and cumulative". He goes on to show how the use of a few simple, easy-to-learn, time-tested charting techniques can help workers and managers alike to understand the behaviour of their processes. By using the methods of data analysis developed from Walter Shewhart's original SPC work in the late 1920’s at Bell Labs and which was essential for bringing reliability into the fledgling American telephone industry, he shows how managers can lead efforts to improve the performance of their processes with the suport of their staff.
FlowMap SPC-Plus has been devised to help users readily produce process behaviour charts based on the Shewhart/Wheeler model. FlowMap SPC-Plus provides a user-friendly interface for creating charts either with direct data input, cut and paste or import from spreadsheets. All the functionality and ease of use that you would expect from a FlowMap software product is present in the SPC module, including full data-point editing, chart notes, calculation support, undo, on-screen changes to control limits, addition of coloured datum lines and on-line Help.
FlowMap SPC-Plus can be launched directly from within FlowMap process charts thus linking process behaviour with the appropriate location, set within the originating process structure. The software supports the two most important chart formats for business users (XmovingR and XbarR) as well as the four other lesser used charting formats that have more specific applications (p; u; np and c charts) when studying the behaviour of natural and man-made processes.

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