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FlowMap CPM

Business Project Sequence Planning Software

Planning is the key to success in a process managed business environment. But so often the software tools available are over featured, over complicated and over the top. Project plans need to be created by business practioners not computer specialists. Just as mapping of processes is more important than the graphical process of preparing the maps, so the planning of projects is more important than the graphical process of preparing the plans. 
FlowMap-CPM Project Plannerattempts to bring elegant simplicty to the preparation of project planning documents than can be easily updated and modified. It operates in four stages: 1) the user lists the project activities with sequence information and expected durations based on their experience and judgement; 2) a network diagram is then generated by the software; 3) a Gantt chart is generated by the software and, finally, 4) a set of critical dates is listed for the specified activities. The critical path is also highlighted on the network diagram.
Due to its ease of use exploring the implications of changes to the project plan is readily carried out by team members as they examine ways of improving the projected performance of the project.
FlowMap-CPM Project Planner is a specialised tool designed to work in conjunction with the FlowMap 4 software that provides managers and their staff with a technical means to support their work on the structure and behaviour of business processes (ie : repetitive, added value transformations) and the critical sequencing of business projects (ie : one-off, time limited processes).

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