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FM4 Registration
To register your FlowMap software please go to our web site at or contact us by e-mail via or telephone Management-NewStyle Limited on +44 (0)20 8295 3755. Postal enquiries can be made via PO Box 281, Chislehurst, Kent, England, BR7 5SX. To begin the registration process you will need to provide the following information:
The User’s e-mail Address;
The User’s Name;
The User’s Postcode or Zip code; and
A list of the FlowMap Application Modules that the User wishes to Register.
After payment of the Licence Fee you will be supplied with Registration Codes which comprise a Licencee ID Reference Number and a Software Application Code String. Enter these Codes into the appropriate fields in the Software Registration Screen (accressed from the Start screen) together with the User Name and User Postcode/Zipcode to validate the Licenced FlowMap Application Modules.
Please note that all of the Registration Screen fields must be entered accurately, including any spaces and punctuation marks, or FlowMap Software will not be activated. Once the registration process has been successfully completed a confirming message will be displayed on-screen.