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FlowMap Freeware

'First metre' working relies upon deployment flowcharting (DFC) to reveal the full details of how work gets done and time gets used - the fundamental issues of all business. 

Used since the 1990s by Management-NewStyle, deployment flowcharting has proved to be one of the most powerful tools available for supporting the improvement of business processes. Countless people, at all levels and in every type of business, have experienced the benefits of using the DFC methodology and no one ever fails to be impressed by its power to reveal significant insights than can lead to ideas for both improvement and innovation.

Visitors to this site are encouraged to download a copy of our FlowMap DFC freeware to begin exploring the possibilities and opportunities offered by an early mastery of deployment flowcharting. All the charts you create are compatible with FlowMap Professional software in the event that you decide to upgrade and further exploit the benefits of process management based on The FlowMap System.

To download your personal copy of FlowMap 3 DFC Software click here. Full details about how to get the most from deployment flowcharting click here.