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FM4 Downloads
FlowMap Professional Solo download 

Installation details:

FlowMap Professional Solo is available for unlicenced evaluation for 30-days. The self-installing software file FM4-Solotrial.exe (3.1 MB) will instal to C:\FlowMap4 unless instructed otherwise. The programme executable file is FlowMap4.exe. 

The Viewer application module will continue to remain active after the 30-day period expires for viewing FlowMap .fmz files, such as those listed below. Download the .zip files below, open and extract the .fmz file in each (.fmz is FlowMap's proprietary secure zip format) to your FlowMap4/Project folder and view using the Viewer module launched from the Start screen.  

DFC Primer (217 Kb)
Systems Primer (974 Kb)
Tetradic Model (187 Kb)
Measuring the Gains (288 Kb)