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Consultancy, Facilitation & Training

Progress Through Lifelong Learning

Management-NewStyle specialises in the provision of a wide range of consultancy, facilitation and training services related to business process management improvement commissions. In all its commissions, by whatever means, its primary aim is to ensure business performance improvement based upon the following four objectives: 

1 - The orchestrated co-ordination of how an organisation’s work is performed and how the available time is used;
2 -  The importance of ensuring that all employees in an organisation at whatever level of work make a distinctive contribution at that level without tampering in adjacent levels; 
3 -  The recognition that within an organisation the connectivities are generally more important than the entities in the performance of any business system which may be defined as primarily a social, as opposed to a technical, organisation, and,
4 - The pursuit of elegant simplicity as opposed to increasingly confused complexity.

In providing its services MNS uses an organisational model which comprises five levels of work, thus: 

Level 1 - Leadership Level of the Business System (The ‘Board’); 
Level 2 - Management Level of the Business Functions (The ‘Executive’); 
Level 3 - Performance Level of the Business Processes (The ‘Workforce’); 
Level 4 - Tasking Level of the Business Activities (The ‘Team’); 
Level 5 - Operating Level of the Business Work Instruction (The ‘Employee’). 

MNS recognises the importance of mastering the ‘first metre’ of each and every process stage that contributes to delivering value to the organisation’s customers, clients and end-users. MNS applies various elements, as appropriate, of its FlowMap System of tools and techniques which have been used by organisations in whole or in part over the past 15 years for the purposes of: 

* Clarifying process ownership, structure and behaviour; 
* Preparing employees to be full participants in process definition and improvement methods; 
* Making know-how of employee explicit, standardised and available for sharing with others;
* Guiding the development of means to achieve stable and consistent process performance;
* Supporting the design of means to drive continuous improvement of business processes; and
* Supporting the design of social and technical means to encouraging innovation.