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The MNS Approach

“A whole, which is more than the sum of its parts, has something internal, some inwardness of structure and function . . . some internality of character or nature that constitutes that ‘more’ ”           Jan Christian Smuts (1870 - 1950)

David Howard established his process management consultancy, Management-NewStyle, in 1990 to provide business leaders with specialist support in adopting the principles of 'systems thinking guiding process working'. Within a year he had launched The FlowMap System of tools for economic-quality to provide tactile learning of the advantages of process working. Throughout the aim of MNS is to transfer ownership of process working principles to clients as quickly as possible.

Practicing as an independent consultant with such clients such as AT&T, Transco, DSS, Shell, Roche, NatWest, BAE Systems, and various SMEs he developed FlowMap Professional software applications in conjunction with Maurice Tomkinson to provide his clients with deployable and explicit ownership of their know-how, rather than encouraging the invisible dependency culture often associated with the 'brown-paper' interventions of traditional large consulting houses. 

While advising a US global telecomms firm in the late 1990s his ‘first metre’ approach was recognised as a powerful means to influence the profitability of that company’s ‘last mile’ activities. The First Metre Approach was thus born and has since provided a central influence and powerful theme to the conduct of Management-NewStyle's interventions.
In the words of the Chief Engineer of a national utility "Management-NewStyle's advice and support in the successful deployment of process management has been both sensitive and progressive. Our System Control function is continuing to use FlowMap Professional software . . . to examine and further improve its management of its processes at all levels." 

Management-NewStyle continues to work closely with bothits established and new clients to provide a unique service from earliest discussion to the eventual deployment of its FlowMap Central process management network. At the same time it maintains an active and innovative research and development programme with specialist partners to advance the capabilities of its FlowMap Professional software suite to address new areas of business process management.