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Business is Primarily about People

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In a world where computers dominate business activity it is easy to overlook the power of the human brain. Only the brain can organise process improvement and stimulate innovation. People make organisations successful by how well they make and keep commitments to each other. The computer contributes to the new style of management by connecting people to their purpose and their workflow. 
Management-NewStyle uses the 'first metre' metaphor to highlight the importance of connecting people with their  purpose. This results in the more efficient management of every process journey from the 'first metre' of its private inception to the 'last mile' delivery of products and services to the marketplace.
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Management-NewStyle provides business process management advice, audits, workshops, and problem solving interventions using its 'first metre' approach. To discuss how systems thinking guiding process working can help you steadily improve business performance call David Howard on +44 (0)20 8295 3755. 
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Management-NewStyle has developed a wide range of easy-to-use products to support users of its 'first metre' approach to business improvement. This website provides resources to help you on your improvement journey from tutorials to software. 
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